This is gonna be a thing! Prison Pit Nail Art! 

Anonymous asked:
Are you willing to do an art trade? I make felt brooches and things

I would but you’re anonymous.

skid-face asked:
your collection is ultra rad. I'm an admirer. *toothy grin, cool thumbs up, slight eye twitch*

thanks so much!!!!!

heshlord asked:
Sick collection of mad balls!!!

Thank you!!! it’s going to continue to grow!

This is blowing my mind! #madballs #horrorballs

Found his home

@steveanddestroy sent me an insane package!!! Thank you so much !!!

Filled all my shelves!!!! #madballs


Mail day!!



Are you a sick bastard?

Johnny Ryan’s PRISON PIT launches Thursday, July 24th!

UNCENSORED in all its ultraviolent glory at 
(Pre-sales Now & Available Thursday, July 24th 2014)